Thursday, January 7, 2010

Where Does The Time Go?!

Kaden is just about 7 weeks old already. I used to say it ALL the time with Kaelyn, and still do some...but where does the time go?!? It literally seems like just yesterday I had him, and now he's nearing two months old already. I love seeing him grow and learn new things, but at the same time I wish time would slow down a bit. The same goes for Kaelyn too...she is over two years old and growing like a weed. I just wanna keep my kids babies sometimes.

Kaelyn has really been into reading lately. She's always loved to read, but it's fun to actually see her pick up a book, sit down by Kaden, and start reading to him. She reads as though she knows what the words are say. For instance, the following pictures were taken today as I walked into her bedroom. She was saying, "One day, the bear..." and flipping through pages and showing them to him. It was absolutely adorable to watch.

She's also loving the alphabet lately. She can recognize almost every letter and has even been trying to write some of them. Usually it's just scribbles, but she'll turn to me and say "Mommy, look, an "M"" or something along those lines. I just LOVE to see her discovering new things and learning.

Kaden is doing many things as well. This week he began giving us those cute baby smiles not just while he is sleeping but also while he's awake! He's also been cooing a lot more. It's really fun to hear his little squeaks. He's still an "eating machine" as Kaelyn calls him, but also likes to sleep. He's waking up once a night and sleeps about 5-6 hours straight before he does. Slowly we are settling into more of a routine and it's fun having him awake more during the day.

The following are a few more pics taken over the past week....