Sunday, November 29, 2009

1 week old....

Tomorrow Kaden will be 1 week old already...I forgot how fast the time goes when they're this little. We're loving every minute and falling more and more in love with the newest addition to our family. Kaelyn absolutely adores him too! He has been such a great content and sweet. We feel truly blessed!

We have taken quite a few pictures as you can imagine :) are several taken over the last week.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's a BOY! :)

I wanted to hop on the computer quick and update you with news of our little one's arrival! Kaden Scott was born on Monday morning and is absolutely perfect. He is such a sweet little boy...we are so in love with the newest addition to our family! Kaelyn is a very proud big sister and LOVES to hold and kiss him! We feel truly blessed.

More pics to come....

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love Ya, Tomorrow...You're Only a Day Away!

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love Ya, Tomorrow...You're Only a Day Away!

This was the tune that went through my head as I woke up this morning thinking about the fact that tomorrow is Monday the 23rd...the day I go in to have our little one (unless he/she arrives before that-meaning today, but it's not looking that way). I am very excited to meet our new son or daughter and am happy that the time has finally arrived. I am finally feeling like everything is ready for his/her arrival (house clean, bags packed, etc). I will not be on my blog to post for a while...but will try and pop on at some point to update you on his/her arrival!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

No Baby Yet... baby yet. Monday is the day unless he/she decides to arrive early! :) I can't wait to meet our little one and see Kaelyn in her big sister role. I don't think she completely understands what's about to happen, but what she does know is that there's a baby in Mommy's tummy and soon Grammy and Grampa will be coming to stay with her while Mommy and Daddy go to the Dr to get the baby. She's been talking about it a lot lately.

Speaking of talking...her vocabulary continues to amaze us every day! Since before she was 1 she has been talking, single words and short sentences "where's the ball?" was her first bigger sentence at 11 months old. As you can imagine, this vocabulary has only grown and now at two she speaks in sentences to us. It's great being able to have conversations with her...I love it! It's not just the sentences that amaze us, but the words she chooses to use...some days we ask ourselves where in the world she's learned them from. :) For instance, this morning as she at a donut she said, "It's delicious Mommy". Delicious is a word I'd never heard her say that was kind of fun. Last weekend at her cousins birthday party the new 'word of the day' was beautiful! :)

Some other milestones we've been seeing over the past couple of months:

She's also big into letters, numbers, shapes and colors. She can say and recognize more than half the alphabet, can count to 13 and recognizes some of those numbers, and loves to point out her shapes and colors to us. What a big girl!

Singing is also a huge deal around here. She LOVES to sing! Lately it's been ABC's and more recently 'Jesus Loves Me'. I'm going to try and get it on video soon so I can share it with you all.

Anyways...I have a feeling this will be the last time I post before Baby Gaskill's arrival. We have a very busy weekend ahead getting ready for his/her arrival. I will keep you posted... :)

Hope everyone has a blessed weekend!

Monday, November 16, 2009

What a busy weekend!

Wow...the past several days have been a whirlwind and very busy for us. Thursday we had my Grandma's visitation and Friday we had the funeral. It was a sad time, but also one of celebration as we reminisced about her life and the memories we have to cherish. It was great to see many family members and friends as well. Saturday our nephew Emry turned 2! He and Kaelyn had so much fun playing around at his Circus Themed Birthday Party! It was a blast and I'm so happy we were able to be there to help him celebrate. (I'll post more pics soon)

Yesterday, Scott, my dad and my brothers all went to the Vikings game. They had a great time, while us girls were home and able to relax some. After such a busy few days, it was nice to have a day like that.

Today marks the one week countdown until we meet the newest addition to our family...can you believe it?!'s so exciting! :) We're really looking forward to meeting our little one. The fact that it's only 7 days away though, means I still have some things I need to do. I'm not sure how good I will be about posting this week as I need to make sure everything is ready for his/her arrival. I will be sure to update you soon though on the arrival of our little one. :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Bittersweet Week So Far

Today I had my Dr Appt and everything is looking great....just one more appt. and then we'll get to meet our little one (unless he/she decides to arrive early).:)

On a more sad Grandma (Dad's Mom) passed away yesterday. She had Alzheimer's for the past 8 years or her quality of life was taken from her long before now. My Grandpa passed away in 2006 and that is when she went into nursing home care. I'm saddened that she is no longer here with us, but am SO thankful for her Faith in the Lord and know that she is much happier and finally free of this disease which took the last 8+ years of her life away, as well as the fact that she is now with my Grandpa once again. I will be sure to share the memories I have of her with our children and can only hope they grow to learn how wonderful she and my Grandpa both were and what a profound impact their Faith had on us and our entire family.

My family is currently in the process of planning funeral arrangements. Between that and our nephews birthday this weekend, I am unsure when I will update my blog again. Will keep you posted on Baby Gaskill :)....

Monday, November 9, 2009

Two Weeks and Counting....

Well...only two weeks to go...I can't wait!! :) It's weird to think that we are down to that short amount of time already. Knowing that the baby could come at any time and things will be getting quite busy soon, we spent Saturday afternoon putting up our Christmas tree and decorations! I know, it sounds early....but we figured we'd rather have it done now and not have to do it once the baby is here. It's kind of fun.....feels like Christmas already in our house. :) Kaelyn sure loves all the lights and decorations too. Scott just has lights to hang outside on the house sometime this month and everything will be done. Such a great feeling!

Saturday morning we had Kaelyn's 2 year pics taken. She did very well and we got some good ones. When I have a little more time I will try to post a few of them. I still can't believe my baby is too....weird to think that much time has gone by already. We are truly blessed...she is such an amazing little girl!

This week I have a Dr Appt and also look forward to the weekend. Saturday is our nephew Emry's birthday (he's turning 2) so we get to go down to Cedar Falls and celebrate with family and friends....should be a great time! Sunday, Scott, my brothers and my Dad are all headed to the Vikings game...I know they'll have a wonderful time. Us girls are just going to hang out and enjoy an evening at home.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! Enjoy this beautiful weather!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

More Pics....

Just 2 weeks and 3 days until we meet our little one! I know I've said this many times, but it's amazing to me how fast this pregnancy has gone. I'm hoping the next few weeks continue to go just as quickly, as we are very excited to meet our new son or daughter and for Kaelyn to meet her new sister or brother. :) Everything is still going smoothly...except for the fact that it's becoming harder and harder to sleep at night. I just can't seem to get comfortable. I told Scott this is my body's way of preparing me for those sleepless nights with a least I'll be ready. :) He/she moves all around all night long, that doesn't make it easy to sleep either. I love it though...we feel very blessed!

I realized yesterday that I never posted any pics of the kids trick or treating. Emry (Kaelyn's cousin) was here, so they went trick or treating together. Our mall here in town does a fun trick or treating event every year, so we took them there out of the cold. They had a lot of fun!

Over the weekend, Diana (my sis in law) also helped me finish decorating the kids' rooms. She is SO good at creating vinyl decor, so I asked her if she would help me make something for Kaelyn's room and the baby's room. When she showed up to our house with the following things...I was thrilled!!
Kaelyn's Room

Baby's Room

Well, I hope everyone is having a fantastic week....

Monday, November 2, 2009

Kaelyn's TWO!

Yesterday was Kaelyn's 2nd birthday...where did the time go?!? As I prepped and prepared for the big day, I continually thought about that day two years ago when we brought her home from the hospital! I'm sure that's something that goes through every parent's mind as their children continue to get older. I have a feeling most parents often find themselves asking the same question...where has the time gone?

I'm a little sad that she's already two. My little girl is getting so big...speaking to us in full sentences, having us wondering half the time where she has learned to communicate the way she does at such a young age. She's also becoming more independent and amazes us each and every day. I feel so blessed to be her mom...I couldn't ask for a sweeter little girl. Although it's a little sad to see her getting so big, we also know that exciting things are to come. Each stage offers many new and exciting things, and soon that will be our family becoming a family of four. I cannot wait to see Kaelyn as a big sister, as I know she will be the most helpful and loving there is.

We had some great times with family so far to help celebrate Kaelyn's big day! Friday we spent the evening with Scott's family...having cupcakes, opening gifts and visiting. Saturday my family was over. We had cake (the first cake I've ever decorated...Scott helped a lot too), opened gifts and that night Kaelyn and her cousin Emry got to go trick or treating together. Sunday we spent the day at home and had a few other family members stop by throughout the day. It was a very special weekend for Kaelyn and I couldn't be happier about that.

The Cake :)

Playing with her cousin on her Birthday

As I was reminiscing about our little girl and how much she's grown, I came across several pictures throughout the past two years that I thought I'd share....

4 days old

3 Months

6 Months

9 Months

12 Months

15 Months

18 Months

21 Months

24 Months