Friday, October 31, 2008

First Halloween

Tonight Kaelyn was able to take part in her first Halloween! Last year at this time we were anxiously awaiting her arrival (little did we know we'd be heading to the hospital in a matter of hours), and now it's a whole year later and we're winding down from a fun night of trick or treating! Although she's still little and didn't know exactly what was all going was still a lot of fun to get her all dressed up and take her out for a bit!

My parents came up and my brother is here visiting for the we took Kaelyn to the mall together where they let kids trick or treat at each store. It worked out great because we didn't have to be outside in the bitter cold the whole time. It was fun to see all the other little kids all dressed up as well! They even had a professional photographer there taking we got some of Kaelyn and I'm very excited to see how they turned out!! We also took her around to a few of her neighbors who enjoyed seeing her all dressed up as well. What a fun night!

Overall it was a great night! Kaelyn wasn't too sure about her Ladybug costume at first, but as the night went on she didn't seem to mind at all. In fact, I think she had fun watching all the little kids in their costumes too. :)

Our busy weekend continues tomorrow as Kaelyn will be ONE year old! Then on Sunday we will be celebrating with family and having a fun 1st birthday party!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Well...Kaelyn's birthday weekend is almost here....and more and more it's beginning to feel like she is turning 1! It's a little the time has gone so quickly, but now that we are well on our way to getting her party planned, as well as receiving some of her gifts in the's feel more like a reality.

Yesterday we received her birthday gift from Josh, Di and Emry in the mail. In stead of having her open ait with all of her other gifts on Sunday, we decided to let her open it last night. She had so much fun taking everything out of the box and especially liked the tissue paper! Aunt Diana had made Kaelyn some very cute PJs. They are flannel jammies....very warm and perfect for winter. They fit so well! Kaelyn sure loved them!! She also got some ABC bath toys. She really liked these as well.

One unfortunate circumstance last night was when we went to turn on our camera to take pictures of Kaelyn opening her gift. Scott noticed that the LCD screen on the camera was cracked :( Thankfully the camera still works perfectly, we just couldn't see what we were taking a picture of on the screen. We were taking pictures the "old" way...through the lense. I'm just thankful it was working well enough to caputre her opening the gift! :) Although unplanned, we are now in search fora nother camera. That one was only three months old...and although it works fine...we prefer a camera with a working LCD screen....that's the best part of adigital camera, right?! Hopefully we will find one soon. We have our eye on this one:

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Busy Reviewing Products

Once in a while I will get asked to do a review on different products using my blogs. As a stay at home mom I truly appreciate the opportunity to get things and review them to let other parents and people out there know about different products and services! Usually the products I receive are pretty neat, and an opportunity no one would turn down. I'm typically very excited, not only to be receiving something wonderful for free...but again, for the opportunity to share my opinion with others.

For instance, just in the past few months I've been asked to review things like pearl earrings (what girl wouldn't like that! :)). I have also been asked to review a book from a Christian book store, Gerber Foods, gotten a personalized children's book for Kaelyn, and most recently.....a George Foreman Grill! The latter of the list is probably my this is something VERY expensive and an appliance that otherwise, we would not be able to spend money on. I received it in the mail today and am VERY impressed! It's HUGE. I told Scott that I had a hard time carrying it from one room to the next it's so big. I have yet to use it, but when I do I'll keep you posted on what I think of it!

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Smallest Things Make the BIGGEST Difference!

Our home has three different living rooms/family rooms. We have two on the main level which really comes in handy! There are times when Scott likes to watch one thing on television, and I like to watch times like this...having more than one living room is really nice! :) Our family room on the main level is the largest, and the one we spend the most time in. It's where a lot of Kaelyn's toys are and is just a really nice place to spend time together. The only downside to this room was that our furniture was making it feel like there wasn't a lot of space. We have a large fireplace cornered in the room....making it difficult to arrange the room in many different ways. We have been wanting to switch things up a bit for quite some time, and last night we FINALLY did!!

We sat down and tried to figure out the best possible way to arrange the furniture so that it would allow for more flow and space. After moving the furniture around quite a few times...we finally found the PERFECT arrangement! I told Scott I wish we would have thought it gives much more space and Kaelyn a better place to play.

We decided to finally make the switch, because this weekend while in Cedar Falls I had purchased a few new pictures for the walls. Before getting them all hung, I told Scott we should try a new arrangement in the room...then I would get them hung. Once we got the furniture in place...I found the perfect places for each of the items I bought and am so thrilled! Isn't it funny how the smallest changes made to the arrangement of furniture or wall decor can make such a difference?! Our room feels completely different now, but we LOVE it!! It's even more fun to spend time in now!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Weekend Getaway

Sometimes it's just nice to get away...even if it's just for a weekend! Wouldn't you agree?? Scott and I both decided that we hadn't been down to see my brother for a while, so last week we thought we'd make plans to go and visit him for the weekend! He didn't have anything going on and was excited to have we headed down on Friday evening and stayed until this afternoon. Kaelyn always enjoys seeing her Uncle Jake (and his kitty Mylie), and we had a nice time catching up as well! It was great just to be able to relax, eat yummy food (Cedar Falls has the best restaurants) and do a little shopping together.

The sad thing about weekends though, is that they always go by WAY too quickly! Sunday came before we knew it and it was already time to head back home to get ready for the work week ahead. I'm so glad we decided to go down and visit him though! We had such a nice time and hope to do it again soon. :) He will be up to visit us this weekend for Kaelyn's birthday that should be fun!

Snow, Snow, Melt Away!

We came home today from visiting Jake, to find that we had gotten quite a bit of snow! We live in the midwest, so snow is expected, however....not in the middle of October! It's hardly even Fall yet, let alone winter! I sure hope this isn't a sign that it's coming sooner than usual...or that it will be a long one! Yuck!!

Although I'm sure the snow will melt away fairly quickly...driving home was miserable! As we neared town, we found ourselves in near white-out conditions with sleet like you wouldn't believe! I am so relieved to be home, safe and sound! I can now enjoy the snow falling, and on the ground from the inside of our nice, warm home...not from outside or in the car! I prefer that any day! :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Staying in Touch with Family.... Online

Last night we were able to talk with both of my brothers over the internet using this really neat little camera my parents bought me for my birthday. It plugs right into any computer. It was fun to get Kaelyn in front of the computer so she could talk to her Uncles and well as her cousin who is the same age as her!! I

I had never used Skype before, but after last night I can tell it's going to be something I really like. It's free to use, and such an easy way to contact people and see them while you're talking to them. The phone is nice, but this was even better. I think it's a great thing to have if you have family who lives far away like we do. I'm still learning how to use both, the camera and Skype, but with time I think it will be something we use quite often. I'm looking forward to it!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

One Year Older....

Today I am one year older and it's crazy how fast the past year has gone! Isn't it weird to think back over the last year and all that has gone on in a fairly short period of time?? So much has changed in my life over the past year. The most memorable, and happiest day in the past year was definitely the birth of our daughter, Kaelyn!! She is our first child and has brought into our lives so much joy! I am truly blessed!! Last year at this time we were anticipating her arrival...and wondering when she would decide to enter this world and meet us! She decided to hold off until November 1st...but it was all worth the wait just to hold her in our arms!! :)

So far my birthday has started off perfectly....with kisses from my hubby and daughter and a sweet gift they got for me! I've been eyeing a super cute purse in our local mall for quite some time...and I guess Scott realized that. He surprised me with one of the purses that I have been wanting...what a sweet guy! I'm very luck to have him as my husband!! :) Seeing how my birthday is in the middle of the week like this...Scott had to work. But, I'm still looking forward to a night spent with him and Kaelyn later, just relaxing and enjoying a peaceful evening at home. This is my idea of the perfect birthday!!

Update: My wonderful hubby came home from work tonight and had a card in one hand and a beautiful bouquet of flowers in the other. What a good guy! He sure knows how to make me feel special and appreciated.... :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Date Night!

A while back I posted about Scott's banquet for work and how it was the first time we'd been out...just us...since Kaelyn was born last November! I kind of considered it a date, but was looking forward to a time when we could go out, just us and do a real "date like thing" going to a movie or out to eat or something. Well....last night my parents were up visiting and helping me celebrate my birthday which is coming up in a couple of days, and they suggested Scott and I go to a movie for my birthday while they watch Kaelyn. Of course we were very excited! It's not very often we get to go out, and this would be the first "official" date we've had in over a year!! We love the fact that they're such wonderful Grandparents...and more than willing to watch Kaelyn for us! So, I'm sure you're wondering what our decision was...well of course we went!! :)

We had such a nice time. We went to the movie, Eagle Eye here in town, which by the way, was an incredible movie! I know there are mixed reviews on it, but we really enjoyed it a lot. I think more than anything though, it was just enjoyable to be out together and have the pleasure of being in the company of one another. It's not very often that we get time to just be this was wonderful! I think it's so important for parents to make sure they take time for each other and have dates often...that's something that Scott and I want to continue to do, even while our kids are young! Now that Kaelyn is getting older, and weaning off of breastfeeding, it's easier to have my parents watch her for, I have a feeling date nights will become a more regular occurrence for us now.

Friday, October 17, 2008


I have come to the conclusion that this must be a new favorite spot for Kaelyn to play. The other day when I posted pictures of her in the basket, I thought that it was just something that happened by chance, not an intentional play spot, however yesterday...I watched her as she intentionally dumped out her toys and stepped into the basket to sit down and play. It was too cute and just had to share.... :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Update on Weaning Kaelyn

It's been a week or longer since we began the weaning process....and thought I'd give a quick update. Kaelyn is doing very well with the transition. With each day that passes she drinks more and more milk and seems to be enjoying the independence of holding her own cup and feeding herself more! We've also noticed what a difference it's made as far as sleep goes. We used to hear her tossing and turning at night...and now we don't hear a thing. It seems this switch from breastmilk to cows milk has really helped her to sleep more soundly and deeply. She sleeps for a bit longer at night too. Of course that's nice...what parent doesn't want to sleep in a few more minutes each morning?! :)

Daddy's sure loving the change as well! Over the past year he often has commented how great it would be to feed her. Being exclusively breastfed with no bottles though, this obviously was not an option for him. Now that she's drinking her milk from a cup at night...he's been able to hold her and cuddle with her before bed. It's too cute! He's a good Dad and she's definitely Daddy's little girl! I'm glad that they get that time together. Scott works during the day, so the nights are all he has with her during the week.

Overall it's been a very positive experience, and I'm sure as we continue she will do great! Although it's a transition that all babies go through...I can't help but think of it as a reminder that she's getting older. She's not the needy little baby that depends on Mommy and Daddy for everything anymore. It's fun to see her gaining her independence some...yet, at the same time is a little bittersweet. Our little girl isn't so little anymore.....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Silly Things Kids Do!

Isn't it funny the silly things kids do?? Kaelyn makes me smile every single day...whether it be her laughs or the jabbering that she does all day long....she is truly a joy! Today was no different...she had me smiling from ear to ear when I found her in this position watching The Wiggles.

What a cutie! :) Maybe you had to be here to appreciate the cuteness as much as I did, but it was absolutely adorable! She had quietly dumped out all the toys from her basket, and then stepped inside and sat down. She sat there so contently watching her show...and didn't make a sound! Thankfully, over the past 11 months or so, I have learned to keep my camera close by. It was within arms reach and I was able to get a few pictures before she decided to crawl out.

She is too funny. Who would have thought that a small basket of toys could be made into a comfortable seat?! The silly things kids do!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Visiting Scott's Grandparents

During the week Kaelyn and I don't get out much. Especially with the weather growing's more of a hassle than it's worth sometimes to get all bundled up and go out unless Scott is here to help. We do enjoy going out though when we get the chance....that's why I was more than happy to accept an invitation from Scott's Grandparent's to have the three of us over for supper tonight!! They recently moved into a new home and finally are feeling more settled. We hadn't been over there since the first day they moved it was fun to see all they had done. It's sure a nice home. It was great to eat such a yummy home cooked meal and visit with them for a while. Kaelyn always enjoys seeing her Great Grandparents too! She had fun exploring their new place and playing with all of Great Grandma's stuffed animal toys. Now they only live a few blocks away from us, so I'm sure we'll be visiting back often.

Kaelyn's Baby Pictures

Like many parents, we've done our best to get Kaelyn's pictures taken every few months over the first year. This is what my parents did and I can't tell you how many times I've looked back at the pictures and enjoyed seeing how much I changed each time. I really appreciate the fact that they took the time to do this! I wanted to do the same for we got them taken at 3, 6, and 9 months so far. It was easiest and most convenient for us to get them taken at Wal-mart. We had heard good things about the studio in our area, so we gave it a try. We have really liked how her pictures turned out each time...however this last time was the best! We enjoyed the photographer that took them, as she was such a natural with Kaelyn. She knew just how to get her attention and make her smile. The pictures turned out amazing because of her ability to work with children, as well as her creativity.

Now, the time has come for us to plan Kaelyn's 12 month pictures. Wow...the time has just flown! I can't believe it's already that time again. We are also going to get some family pictures at the same time. We wanted to make sure that we had this same photographer, as the others were not nearly as good. So she told us to call and specifically request her when the time came. Scott called today and thankfully she's free almost all weekends next month. We set up a time for November 9th to get the pictures taken and I can't wait!! It will be fun to see the creativity she brings to the photo shoot this time. We won't get pictures again until she's I look forward to seeing how they all turn out.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall Time Fun!

I'm not a huge fan of means colder weather and that winter is nearing. However....on the other hand, it is a beautiful time of year...with the leaves changing color and falling. I love driving down the road seeing red, orange and well as seeing kids outside playing in the leaves. Watching our yard fill up with leaves over the past few days....Scott and I decided it was the perfect time to introduce Kaelyn to what Fall is really all about here in the midwest. She absolutely loves the outdoors, so we knew she'd have a lot of fun!

We set her out in the yard...surrounded by piles of leaves that Scott had begun to rake up. She wasn't too sure at first....and just looked at them, touching them with one finger. :) In no time though, she realized how fun they were to touch and crackle. She began crawling through them and even walking through them some. She had such a great time and was all smiles the whole time!!

It's memories like these that both Scott and I will remember for years to come, as well as Kaelyn once she gets a bit older. We'll definitely be taking her out to play again very soon!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Weekend of Firsts

I guess you could say that this was a weekend of firsts for us. Scott and I were invited to a sales banquet that his new job was throwing down in Ames. This was not only the first big event that we had gone to for his new job, and one where I got to meet his coworkers for the first time, but also the first time that we left Kaelyn with someone else for an extended period of time.

When we found out that we were going to this formal banquet, we obviously knew that it was not an event Kaelyn would be able to attend. We asked my parents if they would be willing to watch her for us while we were gone. Of course they willingly said yes....they're wonderful Grandparents and adore their grandkids and the time they get to spend with them! :) When leaving at 4:00 yesterday, and knowing we wouldn't be back until hours after Kaelyn had gone to bed....I had mixed emotions. I knew she would do great, as she loves her Grampa and Grammy and is so comfortable with them...but for me it was the first time I'd been away from her for that long before. It was something I was excited about, but was also weird for me at the same time.

When we got home my parents filled us in on their evening...and as I suspected, everything went GREAT! Kaelyn was wonderful, as always, and they had a great time with her. I was SO happy to hear this. It was nice to have an evening away with my where we got to get all dressed up, and to be assured that Kaelyn handled her time away from us well. It's confirmation for me that she will do great the next time we ask my parents to watch her! Who knows, maybe we'll get more dates in the near future! :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Beginning the Weaning Process

As Kaelyn nears one years old...I decided to begin weaning her from breastfeeding to cows milk, with the okay from her doctor of course. I know there's a heated debate between people as to when is the right time to wean...but for us, a year old was perfect! I was a little nervous at first, as I didn't know how Kaelyn would react...however after only a couple of days, I can see that she's going to handle this marvelously. It may be harder for me than for her I think....:)

Wednesday was her first day trying cow's milk. She was a bit unsure at first, but with time got used to it and drank it down like she does water and juice. I'm glad she enjoys it so much! Last night was the first time I have dropped a nursing since we began cows milk. I wasn't sure how she'd react, as I've heard that the night time feeding can be the most difficult to break kids from. I am happy to say though that it went great....she laid down for bed and slept as she always does. This was a relief for me and a reassurance that we are doing the right thing. Kaelyn doesn't seem to be bothered by the switch to cow's milk....she seems ready and that's what is most important to me. I have read the signs that children sometimes show when they're not quite ready yet...but as far as I can tell....she's not displaying any of these signs at all. She likes the independence of having her own cup and feeding herself.

We'll play it by ear to make sure that we're weaning as gently and flexibly as possible. I'll continue to update you as to how the weaning thing is going...but "so far, so good!" :)

Reunited With My Ring!!

This may seem a bit odd to some people, to have a picture of my wedding ring on my blog...however to me it's a celebration! Why? Well...because it's been 11 months since I wore my ring last and it is so nice to have it back on!!! I know, I still doesn't make much since. You see, it just so happens that a certain percentage of women retain water after having a baby...usually in their fingers, and most times if they're breastfeeding. I thought mine were back to their pre-pregnancy size, but last Christmas I found out differently. I put my ring on only a month after having Kaelyn, so excitedly I might the last month of pregnancy it did not fit....simply to find out that I was not able to take it off. It was saddening to have to go into a jeweler and watch them cut it off my finger. Thankfully it was fixable though, and 11 months later (just this week actually) I figured my fingers were probably back to normal and got it fixed! YEAH!!

I do have a wonderful husband I wasn't without a ring all this time. He knew how much I missed having my ring to wear, so he surprised me last winter and took me out to pick out an anniversary set to wear in it's place for the time being. I am so thankful he did this....I would have been even more sad about not having my wedding ring if I hadn't had anything to wear this entire time. It is a beautiful ring and I'm SO excited to wear it on my other hand, right along with my wedding ring.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Our Little Girl is Growing Up...

Well...ok, "growing up" may be a bit extreme to describe a one year old...but it's weird for me to think that in only a few short weeks Kaelyn will be one!! Where does the time go?! She is growing and changing right before our eyes. Each day she surprises us with something new she has learned. Yesterday for instance, it was signing the word "milk". Even the small things like this make a parent so proud...and can put a smile on our face the whole day through!

Speaking of turning one...I can't believe how much work goes into planning a birthday party. Obviously, having only one child, this will be the first one I've planned. We're keeping it fairly simple...yet there is so much to make sure we do. There's the cake, the gifts, making sure we have enough of everything for our family members, and most importantly making sure that it is the most special day for Kaelyn! She deserves it! :) I am happy to say that I do have some of the things done that I needed to for her party, but there is much more that keeps coming to mind. We still have a few weeks at least...I'm sure it will all get done with time to spare.

I was reading a blog the other day, and one person compared planning her son's first birthday party to planning a wedding. I don't know that I'd go that far...but there is much more planning involved than one might think. And, although fun, it's a little it's a time to be celebrated, yet it means that our little girl is already turning one and is no longer a little baby any more. She's becoming a "big girl"now.....

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kaelyn's Love For Reading

As Kaelyn gets older, we are seeing more of her personality starting to show. She's a very social little girl, who likes to keep busy the entire day through. I enjoy watching her as she explores and discovers new things each day. Most days the "common" thing to do for Kaelyn is look at books. I read to her many times a day, and also try to find time to sit back and enjoy observing as she flips through pages and jabbers the whole way through. She's even started point and saying some words. The other day I was watching her, and asked her to find the kitty in the book. She turned the page and pointed right to the kitty. Recently she has also started to try and make the noises of some of the animals. Puppies and Bears are her favorite!

As a former preschool teacher I know how important reading and books are in a young child's having a daughter who has a love for it is absolutely wonderful! I hope her desire to learn through reading continues on throughout her life. What a great hobby to have!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Baby Book Project

I have been working quite a bit on Kaelyn's baby book. I have to admit I got a bit of a late start on it. She has a calendar which we got as a baby gift, that I put all of her milestones and special moments on. That has just been much easier to do than sitting down and working on the baby book. However, I figured with her reaching one years old already, it would be a great time to get started. Thankfully I had some of it filled out before she was born, and had all of the information I needed from the calendar. So far it's turning out very cute! I'm happy about that. I just work on it here and there when I get the time. It's an ongoing project, as it goes until she is 5 years of age. I have pretty much filled out all o fthe written information that I can at this time, and now am gradually working at putting some pictures in from her first year. It's tough...there are so many to choose from!

One of the things I"ve been working at doing specifically is getting the "belly pictures" ordered and put in there. We, as I'm sure with many others during pregnancy, took a "belly picture" each week. We have pictures from week 4 through week 40. It's been fun looking back at all the pictures and seeing what a trasformation took place. Isn't it amazing how God made a woman's body to expand like that and carry a little human being?! It still amazes me, even having been through it once already. Scott and I both looked at the pictures and couldn't believe how big my belly had gotten towards the end. We vaguely remember it being that large....crazy, because it wasn't all that long ago. So this has been quite the project, as I'm not only ordering them, but have edited in the week on each one. I hope that Kaelyn enjoys having these in her baby book one day. I know I always enjoy looking back and the belly pics my mom had taken when pregnant of us. :)

The baby book has been my big project over the past month or so...however it may have to be put on a hold a bit, as I have a birthday party to plan. And not any birthday party, but Kaelyn's FIRST birthday party!! I'm really looking forward to should be a lot of fun!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Family Time

With the weather growing colder, Kaelyn and I don't get out as much as we used to during the week. This is one of the reasons why I ALWAYS look forward to the weekends when Scott is home and can spend time with us. Kaelyn sure loves her daddy too, and we always have fun as a family, no matter what we're doing! Most weekends it's always nice to get out and do something. With Scott there to help, it's easier to venture out, even with the weather a bit colder these days.

This weekend was no we had a very busy, and fun-filled weekend!! We actually did something that we've never had the opportunity to do...we were able to go out a few miles form where we live and see an Extreme Makeover Home Edition house being built. This is pretty big stuff for our small little town, so it was very exciting for all of us! It's been neat to see the transformation and all the work they do each day! I think we're even planning on going back out tonight if Scott gets home in time, as the house is completed and the family will be home to see it tomorrow.

It was a fun thing to do as a's too bad the weekends go by so quickly! I guess another countdown to the weekend is upon us....4 more days! haha

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Our Life

Although I have written on other blogs, this one I'd really like to devote entirely to what is going on in our lives. I guess you could say I figured it would be an easy way to keep people posted on what's going on with us. I really should have started this sooner, as the past couple of years have been quite eventful for us. I suppose there's no time like the present though...better late than never! Right?!

Just a quick "catch up" for those who are interested.....On June 18,2005 I married the man of my dreams! We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day! At that point we had been dating for over three years and were so happy to finally be Mr and Mrs Gaskill! :) Scott is such an amazing person...the Lord has truly blessed me by bringing him into my life! He's the greatest husband in the world...I could not ask for anyone more perfect for me!
After getting married Scott finished school and I went to work as a preschool teacher for about two years. Teaching young children has always been my dream, and to be able to do that for an extended length of time was not only amazing, but so rewarding! I enjoyed seeing them learning new things each day and knowing I had something to do with that! It was sad to leave that job, but in February of 2007, Scott took a job working for family here in Minnesota. Little did we know at the time, this job was not only going to get us closer to family (which was our main reason for moving at the time), but it would also be God's way of preparing us for the road ahead. He's SOOO good!!

Scott and I moved to Minnesota, renting a nice home from his Uncle for the first 6 months or so. It was such a smooth transition and a transition into the next stage of our lives...not only career wise, but also the stage of parenthood! Yep...that's right....just a few days after we moved to Minnesota, we found out we were expecting our first baby! It was a very exciting time for us. We couldn't wait to become parents, and to meet our little one! Those next 9 months went by very quickly, and smoothly.

That summer we decided that with a baby on the way, we would like to finally become homeowners. We enjoyed the home we were renting, but really wanted to find a house that we could call home. It didn't take long, and by the end of July we had found the home of our dreams and were signing the papers that would officially name us as "homeowners". August 1, 2007, we moved into our home. This house offered everything we could want...and was perfect for our growing family.

Now, we were just playing the waiting game. Our little one was due October 28th and we couldn't wait to meet him or her (we hadn't found out if we were having a boy or a girl). After an exhausting, and long labor, our little girl, Kaelyn, was born!! What an exciting time for us to finally get to meet her. She was so beauitful....We were, and are, very proud parents!
Our lives stayed pretty consistent over the coming months. As we had planned from the beginning I was going to be a Stay at Home Mom with our children. It's the opportunity of a lifetime, and one I'm so glad we decided to do. It is so rewarding, and in my opinion the very best thing for our little girl! It's been so fun to watch her change and grow....and learn new things each and every day. I can't imagine missing all of those "firsts".

Time was flying by....and the end of summer 2008 came along. Scott and I had been praying about his job situation a lot, and felt the Lord leading him in a different direction. His job, which brought us here to Minnestoa was a true blessing. It helped prepare him for the road ahead in the field of agriculture. For that we are so grateful. After interviewing with a couple of companies, Scott found the job the Lord had for him as an Agronomy Sales Specialist. He was offered the position late August, and started September 10th, 2008.

What an answer to prayer this job has been. Scott is working a more set schedule, and we are all loving the time we get to spend as a family! With this new job being in Iowa now...we have a new decision upon us...will we move?? We absolutely LOVE our home. We felt the Lord lead us to this house for a reason. Sometimes His plan isn't always clear, but Scott and I have learned that if we continue to trust and follow Him and the things He has planned for us, everything will work out. After taking this job, Scott and I felt lead to start thinking about the possibility of moving. There isn't much reason for us to stay here in it is a 45 minute drive for Scott one way to work. We are still praying about this next possible step in our lives...and are taking it one day at a time. Thankfully there is no hurry, and we are going to wait and see what the Lord has in store. After all...his plan is ALWAYS the best plan!! :)

This brings us to the present, and in a few short weeks we will be celebrating Kaelyn's first birthday already! She is such a sweet little full of life and so very smart. This first year of parenthood has really taught me a lot, but most of all it's shown me that time goes way too quickly and to cherish each and every moment with your children. We are very excited to see what the coming years brings, and can't wait to have more children down the road! They are truly a gift from the Lord!