Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Exciting News!

I had hoped to post an update a bit sooner, but life has been so crazy lately. As many of you may know..we've been trying to sell our home for about 1 1/2 years. It's been a long road...but through it all we have continued to pray and trust that God has the perfect plan for us. We knew the day would come that we'd sell our home...but had no idea it would all happen so quickly. God is good!

Over the years we've had lots and lots of showings (most people seeing the house 3-4 times), and even several offers, but nothing really ever came of any of them. Then...a couple of weeks ago we had a showing...THE showing! Someone walked into our home once and decided she wanted to make an offer two days later. Not just that, but unlike past offers...this was one we felt we could work with. After a couple of days we worked out a deal and our house was under contract. This week she had her inspection and everything went great. We are now on our way to closing (hopefully by the end of August)!! YAY!!

Of course, along with selling a house, comes buying a house. With Scott working in Iowa we knew we needed to find something that was convenient for him. In looking at the smaller towns around the area, we decided on one that seemed to have the most to offer. We ended up finding a home we both fell in love with, and yesterday...came to terms on that one as well!! By the end of August we should be all moved out of our house and moving into our new house. We couldn't be more excited!! I am really looking forward to the move, and couldn't be happier that it will all be happening before Baby #3 arrives. We should be all settled in by that point which will be great.

Anyways...that's what has been keeping us so busy these days. I will try to update again soon...and will hopefully have pics to share too!